11 Oak St. Alfred Maine

11 Oak St. Alfred Maine · Alfred ME See Location on Map

This historic property is conveniently located in the center of town at the “Alfred Green” adjacent to the Oak Street Bistro and across the street from theĀ  Alfred Country Store. Sited on 2.45 acres the property is an evolution of the original colonial home built in 1790 joined by a Federalist addition on the north side and victorian duplex to the south. In addition is a rustic cold storage 32’x12′ carriage house from the 1800’s to the rear of the main structure.
The current owner purchased the property in 2007 and has since worked diligently to maintain and restore the property making numerous improvements. The buildings contain four residential apartments. The remaining spaces are available for commercial/office tenancy to join an existing art studio and gallery.

Contact Marc at 207-229-5156 for more information!

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